WEST OF SUNSET, By Stewart O'Nan

Once again, Stewart O'Nan has tapped into the times and emotions of an epic moment in America's  cultural history. In 1937, F. Scott Fitzgerald, anxious to re-establish himself as a screenwriter, has picked a venue designed to shred people's souls: Hollywood. They're all there in this hard-drinking, high-living tale: Bogie and Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Sam Goldwyn, all the legends we watch on TNT and movie festivals. To add to Fitzgerals's distraction, his wife Zelda is still trying to get it together in an expensive North Carolina sanitarium, and his daughter Scottie is growing up too fast at an East Coast boarding school. Click below for more...
The drain on Fitzgerald's income is endless and cannot be ignored. He must earn, he must find his way back to the glory days of his best work. The drain on his emotions and his health is even worse. In a town that thrives on booze, he - famous for his wild binges - must stay sober. His marriage - as a marriage - is over, yet he clings to the relationship, and then he meets columnist Sheila Graham, a beautiful, talented, mesmerizing Brit with a checkered past. This marvelous, melancholy fictional true story of F. Scott Fitzgerald's frustrating, debilitating sojourn in Hollywood will not so much entertain you as enlighten you. It's a hard-to-put-down 5. The novel has been optioned for a film.
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