LONG WAY DOWN, by Michael Sears

3/series with former stock broker and ex-con Jason Stafford, and his autistic son The Kid. Turning to numbers, which he knows best, Stafford now investigates fiduciary irregularities. But that's just for starters. His assignments usually involve skulduggery, and this one is rather garden variety: owner of a business has been accused by the SEC of insider trading. Stafford's take: maybe yes, maybe no. He goes to see the businessman, genetic scientist Philip Haley. The man's not likeable, but that doesn't mean he's a criminal. Or does it? Click here for more...
Haley's multi-millionaire wife isn't particularly likeable either, but that doesn't maker her a criminal. But with many milloins riding on the outcome of Haley's experiments, Jason keeps digging. And uncovers secrets that put him, The Kid, and his significant other on the run. A complex chase story with lots of tense moments. It's a 4, I didn't think it was quite as compelling as the first two, with a number of scenes longer than they needed to be. But, you may not agree. What you will agree on is that this is a series to enjoy. Start with Black Fridays, reviewed on this blog, the first Stafford novel. It's killer.
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