LIFE OR DEATH, by Michael Robotham

In a delicious departure from his England-based Joe O'Loughlin and Vincent Ruiz thrillers, this intricate tale follows Audie Palmer, who inexplicably breaks out of a Texas prison one day before he's due to be released. During his ten years inside, he'd been repeated attacked, and survived in part because of Moss, the lifer in the next cell. Reputed to be part of a crew who heisted seven million dollars in untraceable cash, during the following shootout Audie was shot in the head, spending months in a coma before his trial. Click below for more...
Now, a hunted man, Audie's on his own hunt. If I tell who he's hunting for, or why, I'll be guilty of a spoiler. This book is stellar. Audie is the ideal low-man-on-the-totem-pole hero: quiet, unassuming, playing his cards close to his chest until the fatal moment he reveals his hand and his enemies can come for him. It's a 5, and if you're like me you'll read it in one sitting.
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