THE WINTER QUEEN, by Boris Akunin

1/series set in Russia. Translated from the Russian, this marvelous mystery/adventure stars the inimitable Erast Fandorin, once-wealthy scion of a Russian military noble. After his father's loss of everything (including his life), Erast now toils in a lowly position in the state police department. After a well-dressed young student shoots himself in the head before a young noblewoman and her chaperone, Fandorin's prompted to understand why a man with his whole wonderful life before him should play American Roulette. Click below for more...
Soon Fandorin is in the salon of a gorgeous woman who has a myriad of men at her fingertips. Shortly, a superior officer arrives from St. Petersburg and establishes a dedicated squad to investigate. Fandorin is seconded to the squad, and not long after he discovers important clues, he is dispatched to London to follow the mysterious woman. Event piles upon event until the final, surprising climax. The trip is worth it all, Fandorin is by turns impressionable and indominable. Read and enjoy. It's a 4.

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