SISTERS OF TREASON, by Elizabeth Fremantle

2/series. A brilliant Elizabethan-era novel starring the surviving sisters of the manipulated and doomed Lady Jane Grey. With telling simplicity, you see the nine-day Queen face her execution with serenity, as close friends witness the beheading. The young Queen leaves behind two sisters to suffer the suspicion and hostility of the new Tudor Queens: Mary and then Elizabeth. The sisters are a study in contrasts: bright, beautiful, lively Katherine, who lives for pleasure and seeks love; and small, smart, malformed Mary who becomes a pet of Queen Mary, and a closely-watched companion of sorts to Elizabeth. Click below for more...
Their Tudor blood, putting them squarely in line for the throne, keeps them in constant jeopardy of plots - their seventeen year-old sister paid the price for one such scheme. But Katherine is her own worst enemy, and Mary must watch as her sister courts disaster from which there may be no return. A beautifully drawn image of an era in which there was no protection other than anonymity or endless watchfulness and cunning. For Tudor history enthusiasts, this is a superb series. It's a 5 and I'll bet we'll eventually see it on Masterpiece Theater.
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