PLUM LOVIN', by Janet Evanovich

A "between the numbers" novella, expressly designed to keep Stephanie Plum enthusiasts slavering for more. Fast-paced, letting readers get to know more about the mysterious-but-sexy Diesel (no last name) and further adding mystery to the on-going question: who the hell is he and what's he doing here? Diesel, like all the sexy men in her life, can walk through Stephanie's locked door, and always has a suggestive comeback. Click below for more...
This time our mystery man's got a dossier, and he gives it to our girl with the instruction to make everyone in it happy. She does (no story otherwise). Thus ensue the usual whack-job scenes in which improbable but funny things happen, improbable but funny characters appear, snappy dialogue abounds, and Stephanie - she seems to be evolving into someone who doesn't destroy several cars per book, so this is a plus - really does manage to make everyone happy. If you are a Plum devotee, this is great stuff. If you're may still find it amusing.

It's a 4.
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