KILLING ME SOFTLY, by Nicci French

If you've got a lot on your to-do list this weekend, do not start this book. It is mesmerizing, unsettling, terrifying. I'm not one to sit and bite my nails while reading, but this one did it. Subtle, powerful. Alice and Jake live together in London, their lives orderly, even predictable. They have good friends, good jobs, a good life. Walking to work one morning, Alice locks eyes with a male - all male, blatantly male - and he is similarly stricken. Tall, rugged-looking, he is not one of the hurrying suits. And he's waiting for her when she leaves. Click below for more no-spoiler review.
"Come with me," he says. She does, and they go to his Soho apartment and the sex is, literally, mind-blowing. Adam, his name is, and he is a mountaineer, he climbs Everest and K2 and, most recently, Chugawar, where the expedition went horribly wrong and Adam was the hero, the indominable one, saving lives. And you will have to read the novel to find out more. It's a 5+.
Nicci French the author is actually a duo, a journalist and a writer combining their strengths. Collaboration should always turn out this good. The author is on Twitter and Facebook, but does not appear to have a website.
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