GREEN-EYED LADY, by Chuck Greaves

2/series. LA Lawyer Jack MacTaggart is swept into the convoluted world of American politics as he represents a wealthy, photogenic, married, womanizing candidate for Congress (Are these the sole requirements for the office these days? Wealthy, photogenic, married and womanizing?) who is caught naked, in a total stranger's bedroom whose prize art work - a million-dollar Berthe Morrisot oil - has been stolen. Three weeks before election day. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
The opposing camp is accused of dirty politics (oxymoron!). The cops, particularly Jack's old nemesis the DA, think the candidate fits fine for the crime. Jack and his new law partner Mayday must unravel the crime to keep the future senator from going down in flames. As with the first in this series, Hard Money, MacTaggart presses on in spite of myriad opponents, including larcenous, murderous, libidinous, mendacious characters, all with their own agendas. Delicious read. Graves will be one of America's most popular authors of contemporary crime with a humorous twist. I can't get enough of these. It's a 5.
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