GOOD MAN FRIDAY, by Barbara Hambly

12/series chronicling the life of former slave and now physician and piano player Benjamin January. The complications of an American bank collapse have ruined many New Orleans planters, and Benjamin's always-on-the-edge finances are worse than ever. He has not only a wife but a new son, plus two young relatives to care for. The musicale employment that was the backbone of his income is gone. In desperation, he accepts a commission to search for a vanished English mathematician in America's capital, where slave pens and auctions exist within steps of the capitol and segregation is as severe as New Orleans but, with slave hunters, even more dangerous. Click below for more...
Drawn in to the world of the free blacks, Benjamin must operate from behind his employers, an aristocratic cotton planter, his studious wife, and the planter's placee, or mistress, who happens to be Benjamin's sister. But what appears to be a simple murder may not be as surface suppositions suggest. The series is compelling, fascinating, and with a wealth of historical detail thatis by turns disquieting and mesmerizing. Read the entire series, give youself a season of pleasure. It's a 4+.
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