TO KILL A WIFE, by J. M. Gregson

3/Inspector Peach series. If it can be said that someone "deserved" to be murdered, that person is the victim in this compelling novel of a man who decides his wife must go. Beautiful, seductive, promiscuous Verna Hume is the classic selfish bitch, completely uncaring of others, particularly her husband Martin. When Verna is found by Martin on their bed, strangled, he's the logical perpetrator. It's usually someone in the family, and it was common knowledge the couple didn't get along.  Click here for more...
In spite of his superior's blithe assurances that the husband did it, Inspector Peach doesn't think so, and sets about tracing Verna's last days - and many lovers - to get Martin Hume cleared. Peach and his new sidekick DS Lucy Blake must sift through the many people who despised the late Mrs. Hume, to find the real killer. No spoilers here, so you'll have to read this beguiling mystery to find the romance and the murderer. It's a 4, and well done.
The author has no website that I could find.
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