Life happens while you're living your life and the things that happen often are so unexpected, so devastatingly unexpected, that you wonder whose life is this I'm living? Ever feel that way? (Ever wonder how I actually wrote that first sentence?) British High Court Judge Fiona Maye leads a responsible, high-pressure life. In spite of the ancient trappings - the Inns of Court, the panoply and the camaraderie of the profession - she works in a pressure cooker where lives are often at stake. A new case, an emergency, deal with an almost-eighteen boy with leukemia. A Jehovah's Witness, he has refused the transfusion that could save his life. Fiona must tread the delicate line between religious belief and the right of a minor as set forth in the Children Act. Click below for more...
The boy, Adam, is engaging, full of life yet days away from an ugly, painful - needless - death. Even before her decision is rendered, her life is not as she expected: her husband wants permission to have an affair. She shuts down. After the decision, life spirals away from her. A heart-wrenching read with a not-too-likeable protagonist. As always, with McEwan's work, expect to be challenged on many levels. It's a 4, with a completely engaging young hero. The writing is, as always, dazzling.

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