QUEEN TAKES KING, by Gigi Levangie Grazer

Devotees of tales of the super-rich - in this case hyper-rich - will settle down with a box of bonbons and gobble this fast-paced Big Apple tale right up. Cynthia Hunsaker Power, ex-ballerina, patron of the arts, mother of lesbian (shhh!) Vivienne, wife of "The People's Billionaire" Jackson Power (world's largest fortune/ego, even including the Donald), throws a dazzling twenty-fifth anniversary party at the Waldorf. Jacks arrives late, sweeps his seething wife into the first dance, and they mug - with class - for the milling papparazzi. The next morning, the papers feature not only the dance shots, but a half-hour earlier shot of Jacks kissing his young, gorgeous mistress goodbye in front of her apartment. Click below for more...
Cynthia, finally having enough, wants a divorce. And for once, Jacks agrees: he's in love with Lara Sizemore, high-profile news reader at a major TV station. The attorneys, beautifully drawn, step in. As does Cynthia's adorable shrink. In a riff from War of the Roses, the couple - still cohabiting in the East Side triplex (he in the guest suite) - battles out the process, no holds barred...and in one case no clothes worn. Both have far more on their minds than the legal action. Cynthia is battling for control of her beloved New York Ballet. Jacks is immersed in his lifelong struggle to keep his own carnivorous father from eating him alive. Neither is above a dirty trick or two. Enjoy. It's a 4, with some humor and a lot of machinations which will entrance.
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