4/Lambert and Hook series. Golfers will be enthralled by this skillfully-plotted, sometimes subtly humorous murder mystery series set in England, and starring two police officers, the elegant Lambert and the duffer Hook. The action begins when Hook fluffs a shot and must go off the green, where he finds more than his lost ball. The body is that of a young woman, murdered and dumped in the woods. She'd been 'on the game' as the English say, and prime suspects include former clients, as well as the local drugs hierarchy, as she was dealing as well.  Click below for more...
Their search spans the economic spectrum, from a homeless boy to the pompous head of a prestigious golf club where only the wealthy and well-connected play. The culprit will perhaps surprise you (it sure surprised me), but getting to the denouement is a total pleasure. Well-written with two engaging characters and a nice flow to the clues and investigation, plus plenty of very funny moments. This is what good British crime fiction is all about. It's a 4.
The author does not have a website that I could find.
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