CRASHED, by Timothy Hallinan

1/series. Ah, the joys of crooks-with-an-honest-heart (more or less). And from swinging from a chandelier while three dobes snarl below. And from finessing the whole thing. That's the life of Junior Bender, second story man to the stars, operating in Hollywood with a California kind of plot: very funny, improbable, entertaining, and believable enough to keep you reading. Junior, never caught (he started breaking into houses when he was 14) although he earns his income from burglary (hence his divorce), is being blackmailed by a lovely and icy-coldly calculating mobster's daughter, and he's got to steal a painting for her. Despite the dopes and the chandelier swings, and mission success (of a sort), the blackmail and the corrupt cop running it goes on. Click here for more...
Junior's teen-age daughter, wise beyond her years, is suddenly at risk, as is Junior's ex-wife, for whom he still pines. With the stakes this high, Junior's got to figure out a way to cut and tie all the loose ends in his life. Read it and enjoy. It's a 4+, convoluted and high-stakes. Fans of Harlan Coben or Chuck Grieves or Richard Hawke ought to gobble this right up.
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