THE HUMAN BODY, by Paolo Giordano

From the author of the award-winning The Solitude of Prime Numbers. A company of young Italian soldiers are sent to Afghanistan, to a FOB, Forward Operating Base, in remote and hostile Gulistan. The place is little more than a sand pit, exposed on all sides to the Taliban fighters, supplied when possible by helicopter drops. One such drop tangles, and their food is destroyed, forcing them to live on local supplies. A wave of dysentery from contaminated food strikes them, with horrific results that reveals the character of their companions.  Click below for more...
The sun, and their adversaries, are relentless. They are in turns bored and terrified. The story follows a half dozen of the soldiers, all little more than boys, as they try to cope with the brutal reality of their situation. When they are sent to escort a gaggle of Afghan truck drivers, none of them realize this is the most hostile area of the country. Gripping, comical, horrific, this is a war novel you will long remember. It's a 4.
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