2/series. In 100AD, Roman Britain under Hadrian was - until you got up near present-day Scotland - under firm Roman control. Local deities had been subsumed by hybrid Roman-local gods; the Druids had been vanquished; Roman roads and forts were everywhere; even Roman wine was the drink of choice. When medicus Ruso arrives in the north with the Twentieth Legion, his Briton housekeeper (purchased in a bazaar) Tilla accompanies him. She has returned to her birthplace, and the place where she was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Click below for more...
A legendary antler-headed native god has reappears, making the Roman's tenuous hold on this remote area even more fragile, increasing the chances for a native uprising. When Felix, a Legionaire, is found dead in an alley, Ruso is ordered to ignore the obvious cause of death. While the very independent Tilla re-acquaints herself with the remains of her lost family, Ruso is trying to avert the start of civil war and bring a murderer to justice, all before the new governor arrives (four days and counting). Delicious new series with two winning characters, and a plot that is directly involved with the political situation. It's a 5. Fans of Steven Saylor and Lindsey Davis will welcome this talented author.