From one of the acknowledged masters of historical international espionage comes a tale of the Spanish Civil War and the political alignments that helped lead to World War Two. The story opens with a loyalist in Madrid, who has chivalrously gone to save an agent. Later, we meet Christain Ferrar, Spanish-born emigree, who lives and works (and plays) as an attorney in Paris for an international law firm. As his country is savaged by the implacable Franco in battle after battle, Ferrar agrees to become an arms finder through the Spanish Embassy for the embattled Royalists. Click below for more...
Ferrar, who loves women and sex, not only leads a dashing life of risk but of seduction. Until he meets a contessa who seems immune to his appeal. Complex and charming, Ferrar's story unfolds against the grim backdrop of the gruesome civil war and the tensions ratcheting up in Europe. If you like historical international espionage and a suave protagonist, you'll love this book. The sex, much of with a rather charming twist thanks to Farrar's enthusiasm, is a 2. It's a 4. a standalone novel that will rivet and entertain you.
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