A war novel of great originality. Set in coastal Maine, and London, during World War Two, this sharply-written novel brings you into the heart of the action on these two sides of the Atlantic. They are linked through most of the novel by the gut-wrenching radio broadcasts of an American journalist who is mentored by Edward R. Murrow, and who is stationed most of the time in blitz-savaged London. Her one trip to France, to find out what is happening to Europe's Jews as the country is falling under the thumb of the Nazis, is a disaster that will haunt the journalist forever. Click below for more...
In Maine, the Postmistress of a small harbor town  views her almost-sacred calling as if the wheels of the universe would stop turning should she not do her job right. When the local doctor, to expiate a sin, goes to London, the full circle of the story begins. Compelling, heart-rending, evocative, the London bombing and French railway scenes will grip you until you can't breathe. Buy tissues. It's a 4.
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