1/series. Before you visit Amsterdam, this is as good a guide as you can find, particularly if you are interested in brothels, how to steal a bicycle, and where to find the most violence-prone bridges. The author has created a charming, amoral hero in Charlie Howard, a novelist who writes about crime. He ought to be good at it: his night job is burgling for fun and profit. Charlie's approached by an American who wants him to steal two little plaster statues, 2/3 of the Good Monkey series (see no, hear no, speak no, those monkeys). The fee is far more than generous. Click below for more...
He turns the American down; it's a rush job and he doesn't like the set-up. Keep an open mind, the American urges. Which, unfortunately, Charlie does, and the next night finds himself crouched in an unheated attic listening to another burglar ruining the victim's mattress and other upholstered pieces. Then Charlie, along with the beauteous bartender Marieke, find the American's tortured body. Shortly, Charlie is pursued by one of Amsterdam's finest, plus two thugs who are convinced he knows where the monkeys are.
It's a 4, a fun pursuit through the city's winter-chilly canals, brown bars, and crumbling infrastructure.
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