JUST WICKED ENOUGH, by Lorraine Heath

Silly title nothwithstanding, this is a good read. There's little wicked about either principal in this late Victorian love tale, there's just two wounded people groping for love and connection. Michael Tremayne, Marquess of Falconridge, is dead broke. Following the lead of many of his similarly-destitute peers, he decides marrying an American heiress is just the thing. Practical to a fault, Michael holds an auction for a handful of fabulously rich American daddies. Kate Rose's doting father wins, and Michael has - to his shame - sold himself and his title. But he has better reasons than simply installing electricity at the family seat. Click below for  more...
Kate, on the other hand, has even darker secrets, but cannot possibly risk her new marriage by disclosing them to her compellingly handsome but distant spouse. When Michael shows up in his new wife's bedroom to claim his husbandly rights, she sends him packing. She wants love, will not give herself to a man she doesn't love and who doesn't love her. He'll have to earn it. As she holds the purse-strings, he's obliged. But, he finds pleasing his beautiful bride is far more difficult than he'd dreamed. Just what the devil is her favorite color? Written with Heath's usual skill and verve, you've got a good, solid experience here. Enjoy!
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