HUSH MONEY, by Chuck Greaves

1/series. For a first-time novel, this is sensational. The author nails the exotic world of rotten-wealthy dressage afficionados, plus the even more exotic world of lawyers. Such a lawyer, ex-public prosecutor and now member of the "snobbiest law firm in Pasadena", is wise-cracking Jack MacTaggart, whose wry voice tells a tale of equine murder, hyper-privilege, double- and triple-dealing, and concealment at any cost. Which quickly includes murder. It all begins when Hush Puppy, a prize-winning dressage horse, is found dead in his stall. Click here for more...
MacTaggart, whose law firm represents the horse's owner, fills in for the heir-apparent of the firm and goes to the dressage center. His first equestrienne is the lovely Tara Flynn.
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