THE EMPIRE OF NIGHT, by Robert Olen Butler

3/series. It's 1915. Alpha male and all-round great tough guy Christopher "Kit" Cobb is at it again, this time in part impersonating a pro-German journalist in order to become close to a British Member of Parliament who has German sympathies. As zeppelins rain down destruction on London, Kit goes to the MP's palatial castle on the Dover coast, where his mother - renowned actress Isabel Cobb - is also playing a part. The MP, tall, handsome and vigorous, is a charmer. Even Kit likes him. But Isobel goes farther, and before long, she is in Berlin with her now-lover, and Kit has more risky impersonations to do. Click below for more...
Kit Cobb is the personification of risky, edgy, ballsy, what an alpha! Complex, sexy, aggressive, filled with the tiny details that make an adventure novel mesmerizing, this is a fabulous read for anyone addicted to the adrenalin rush of tension and fear. Read the novels in order if you can, beginning with The Hot Kid. As Cobb and his relationships evolve, so does the feel of the stories. You wouldn't want to miss a single one. It's a 5.
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