MY FAVORITE BRIDE, by Christina Dodd

9/Governess Brides series. Victorian-era romance doesn't get much better than this: fashion, tension, action, attraction, repulsion, spies, trust, sex. And a clutch of adorable (most of the time) little girls. Samantha Prendregast, having made herself a notoriously unpopular governess in London, is sent north to Devil's Fell to oversee six girls whose mother died in India. Their father, Colonel William Gregory, runs a very tight ship. Too tight, Samantha thinks, and proceeds to do subtle battle with the handsome, domineering master of Silvermere. Click below for more...
Gregory is a man of exceedingly high morals. Samantha used to be a starving street pickpocket of non-existent morals. Each has their secrets which they cannot risk sharing, even when the attraction grows unmanageable. Meanwhile, other troubles are brewing, not least is the arrival of the scheming Lady Marchant, who Gregory optimistically thinks would make a good mother to his girls. This New York Times best-selling author, prolific winner of a Rita Award, has given us another great read. It's a 4, with nicely steamy sex of 3+.
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