From the author of Slumdog Millionaire, another immersion in Indian daily life, this time a lively first-person account by Sapna Sinha, salesgirl (top producer, however) of electronics in a chaotic store in downtown Delhi. After her usual visit to the temple of Hanuman, Sapna is accosted by a man claiming to be the CEO of a ten billion dollar empire. And he wants Sapna to be its new CEO. Click below for more...
There is, of course, a catch: Sapna must pass seven tests. Sensibly, she refuses. At home that night, in their rent-free apartment, the landlord (her uncle) calls to tell her they must move as he's rented to someone who'll actually pay cash. Sapna can see no out: she tells Acharya she'll undergo the mysterious tests. When she signs the agreement, she gets enough money for a year's rent. And the fun begins. For a total immersion course in the corrupt chaos that is India, this is the book. For a look behind the facade of that life, this is the book. It'd make a great present, too. It's a 4. And, in the end, it is a mystery that is tied up neatly and with a satisfying rush of unadulterated pleasure.
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