FUNNY MONEY, by James Swain

2/series. Tony Valentine's one hot retiree. Living post-retirement in bucolic Palm Harbor, Florida, the former Atlantic City cop gets a call from his former partner of twenty years. While they're talking, his partner is murdered with a car bomb. Flying up for the funeral, Tony's sucked into the investigation and soon he's back in his old haunts, the casinos of Atlantic City. In short order the plot becomes a snarl of competing thugs and motives, not least of which is Tony's only son, a master of bad judgment (with Tony's total squareness, it's a real wonder how this happened). Click below for more...
The tip of the iceberg - other than the trio of thugs trying to rough up Tony's boy - are another trio, of Croatian cardsharps who are running a million-dollar scam on a casino whose owner is everything you always hated in a human being. And there's his old sensei, and there's a gorgeous female wrestler, and a trio of gorgeous, savvy young women called The Mod's a great read. Swain's got the chops to pull off all the casino and how-to-cheat talk, he's not only a magician but a renowned poker player. It's a 4.
For some odd reason (gasp), the author has no web site.
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