DUST, by Martha Grimes

21/series. I think British copper Richard Jury is a George Clooney on paper. Or a Colin Firth. Who knows what the man Jury is supposed to look like? Tall, probably devastatingly handsome, intelligent, with a good sense of humor and - from time to time - a way with women; a cop, a man of morals, a kind man in spite of his calling, a lonely man. Dust is one of author Grimes' later novels, and if you haven't read them all you are in for months of fine reading (or, like me, many sleepless nights of fine reading). Jury is a series character surrounded by quirky individuals who mostly hang out in a pub in the bucolic town of Long Piddleton, and although the books can stand alone do read them in order.  Click below for more...
A wealthy bachelor is murdered in a boutique hotel after leaving Dust, a nightclub. Jury's roped in to find out why. Along the way, he ropes in his buddy Melrose Plant to assist. Grimes' sly sense of humor populates the novels with asides, vignettes and serious-but-hilarious (Grimes is a master at this) situations that are priceless. At the same time, she is merciless in her depiction of murder and its impact on the living. This is an 4+ for me, not enough Melrose Plant and his awful, voracious auntie, I suppose. Most of Grimes' tales are a 4.5 or 5.
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