Tracing the building of a dam on the upper Missouri river (so upper it's in Montana), the contentious and highly visible Duff family leaves behind their Depression's bare-bones subsistence farming for the federally-ordered dam. It's an earthen monster a mile across, which has a personality of its own in this marvelous book. Owen Duff is the fillmaster, responsible for the ultimate building of the earthen structure. Massive as it is, one miscalculation could cause a fatal slippage and all would be lost, including the hundreds of workers on the project.  Click below for more...
His father, uncle, brothers, and their wives, all have a part to play. And it's a fabulous, raunchy, unruly, unexpected, fascinating part. The climax, when a (spoiler alert! but you'll enjoy getting there!) truck goes over a cliff, is a long time coming but you'll enjoy every minute of the journey. It's a 4, and a great read. Anything Doig writes is worth your time.
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