THRONE OF JADE, by Naomi Novik

2/series. Temeraire and his captain Will Lawrence, already having seen action over the English Channel to thwart Bonaparte's plans, are cornered by the Admiralty in the form of an irascible officer who wants the dragon returned to his place of origin. Temeraire is a Celestial, a rare Chinese breed. The Asian superpower (even in Napoleonic times) sends a royal envoy, demanding the dragon be returned to his rightful place: the far-off Chinese court. Click for more about this marvelous series...
Lawrence is forced to acquiesce and the dangerous and unpredictable journey begins. But what will going back to his ancient roots mean for the deep emotional bond Temeraire and Will have forged? Another 5 from this very talented author. Small wonder this series is on the New York Times Best Seller List.
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