THE RAKE, by Susan Enoch

1/series. This is the first book in the Lessons in Love series. Six years before, the dashing and thoughtless Lord Dare had broken young Lady Georgiana Halley's heart in a particularly unpleasant and public way. Now Georgie has planned an exquisite revenge that will teach him how it feels when a heart is broken. Crafting an intricate campaign of seduction, she inserts herself into the Dare household as companion to an ailing (or perhaps not) auntie. As she works her wiles on Dare, however, all does not go as planned. Click below to read more...
Georgie had expected the callous and uncaring heartbreaker of her original humiliation (which involved a bet made in the betting book at White's men's club). Instead, she finds quite another, more mature and caring, man. What's a revenge-driven lady to do? Read it and find out. It's a tutorial in trust, and a 4..
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