THE HUNT CLUB, by John Lescroart

I haven't read anything by this talented and prolific author that I didn't thoroughly enjoy, and The Hunt Club - a spin-off from the Dismas Hardy series, somewhere between the 7th and 9th book - is no exception. Wyatt Hunt's life is turned around when he looses his job in Child Protective Services. He's drawn in to the Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitsky orbit (Lescroat has many books featuring this great duo) when a federal judge and his mistress are found murdered in the Judge's home. Click below for more...
What appears to be a simple case widens and grows more and more complex as Hunt's club of employees and volunteers expands and investigates. A love interest (not entirely believable, but I guess Lescroart did his best with it) keeps the hero out there slugging away. And just when you think it's all starts again. Don't start this on a Sunday night, you'll be late for work! I think it's an 4.
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