SIZZLE & BURN, by Jayne Ann Krentz

3/series. Part of the Arcane Society paranormal series, which deals with psychically-superior people. The series sweeps from Victoria England to present day America, this particular tale takes place in Oregon and Washington State and stars Raine Tallentyre, who hears voices. Inheriting an old mansion from her beloved aunt (who also heard voices), she at once senses evil has been in the house. In the basement, a closet with a new lock reveals the bound body of a young woman. Click below for more...
She's whisked away to the hospital, and Raine is left with the fallout, including a doubting cop who thinks she may be the perp. Enter Zack Jones, scion of the Jones family who is the "ruling" family of the Arcane Society. Raine has good reason to distrust the entire society and its aims, but the attraction between the two is fast and cannot be denied. With Krentz's trademark witty dialogue, fast pacing, and intricate plot, this page-turner should make you a devotee of the Arcane Society novels. It's a 4.

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