The prolific and entertaining Jane Feather brings yet another Regency romance with substance, flair and entrancing characters. Immured in a quiet English village, three friends - two widows and a spinster - decide to break loose and go to London, where one of them has inherited a crumbling mansion in one of the best squares. But a mysterious Viscount Bonham wants to buy the property and has offered a ridiculous price. When Lady Cornelia - dressed for housecleaning - answers the door and is treated by the arrogant Bonham as a mere scullery maid, she decides to play a prank on him. Click below for more...
The austere Bonham is not amused...but he is mightily intrigued. But why is Bonham so insistent in his offer to purchase? Only gradually, after she's in danger of losing her heart, does Lady Cornelia begin to ask questions. Almost too late she realizes the danger she and those she loves face. An intriguing plot, a sensible and bedeviled heroine, a daring hero, courageous friends...it all adds up to an excellent story. It's a 4.

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