THE HEIST, by Daniel Silva

17/series. Gabriel Allon, art restorer and Israeli intelligence agent, is working on an Italian master's church altar painting when he learns that an old friend has been arrested for murder. Leaving his wife Chiara in Venice and going to Lake Como, where Julian Isherwood is incarcerated, Gabriel's pressured into a complicated and exotic plot involving stolen masterpieces, vicious murders, and a beleaguered nation's looted treasure. Click below for more... Gabriel, about to become father of twins (as well as the leader of Mossad, Israel's feared and famously efficient spy network), embarks upon a world-spanning itinerary to find a long-missing Caravaggio, extract billions of dollars from a ruthless political family, and bring to justice the killer of the art dealer  Isherwood's future is threated by. Complicated? You bet, it's one of Silva's specialities: he puts his characters through the wringer, over and over, and with can't-put-it-down results. It's a 4, and you'll probably give it a 5, but the fairy-tale quality - things always meshing, people always being where Gabriel needs them to be - of this one caught me. Maybe I was having a bad-reading day.
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