THE DEEPEST WATER, by Kate Wilhelm

One of the rewards of prowling through the library stacks is finding an author you never knew. The prolific and acclaimed Kate Wilhelm is a recent find. The author writes in several genres, so there's lots to pick from. This psychological mystery that unravels in multiple strands, leading the reader on and on. Set in the Cascade Mountains, Abby Connor's author father Jud dies at his remote cabin in what appears to be a drug robbery gone bad. Click below for more...
Abby's husband, Brice, who always felt like odd-man-out with Abby and Jud, urges her to let the police handle the investigation. A suspect is soon found, and Brice, along with others, finds many reasons to think the case is solved. But people who knew Jud well find clues in his three previous novels: his characters have clear connections to people he knew...if you know where to look. But who's looking? Jud's close friend Felicia, for starters. As Abby cleans out her father's effects, unusual items come to light. The final night at the cabin will keep you on the edge of your seat. A 5.
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