FILM STRIP, by Nancy Bartholomew

2/series. When visiting stripper Venus Lovemotion is murdered, the shot ricochets and hits Sierra Lavotini smack in the butt. Our heroine, headliner and exotic dancer par excellence, is at it again, this time trying to save another dancer at the Tiffany Club from a murder charge. And take it all off with stitches in her ass. Our feisty amateur sleuth manages to knock em dead, including a handsome, sexy stranger who Sierra suspects is a hit man. She's always had a soft spot for the bad guys. Click below for more...
But she's always had a soft spot for Detective Nailor, too. And he sends flowers, too. Or does he? Despite running the gauntlet of psychotic neighbor Raydean and attack-Chihuahua Fluffy, Nailor keeps coming around. Raydean thinks the handsome detective may be one of them Flemish aliens, but Sierra keeps the volatile neighbor from literally pulling the trigger. When they go undercover and Sierra accepts a dinner date with the hit man, the bullets start to fly. It's a 4.
No website for the author, but she is on Facebook.
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