CAVENDON HALL, by Barbara Taylor Bradford

2/series. A deliciously-layered Edwardian novel by one of the genre's masters. Set at Yorkshire's stately Cavendon Hall where the myth of stiff-upper-lip is both upheld and exploded by the aristocratic Inhgams and their servants, among them the Swann family. Family passions run deep, tragedies abound, but the ancient bond between these closely-linked families remains unbroken. The novel focuses largely on the second daughter, Lady Daphne, the most beautiful of the "Four Dees". Click below for more...With a glittering life ahead of her, an incident destroys her future. The Swanns, servants and protectors of the Inhgams for generations, rush to protect and nurture. While disaster happens more than once, the book always manages to rise above these tragedies and, unfortunately, most everyone is the same as when they started. After four hundred pages, I was left wondering what all the fuss was supposed to be about. It's a 3.5. You'll probably love it, but I thought it was flabby, with an air of distraction even in the trenches of Ypres.
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