THE LADY IN QUESTION, by Victoria Alexander

Twins: one calm and self-possessed, the other raging against the restrictions of Regency society. Miss Delia Effington, the mischevious one, makes a grave mistake and must retire from society. Immured in her own home, independently wealthy due to the untimely death of her husband of less than a week, Delia has assembled a haphazard staff of servants, including the enigmatic and not quite up-to-par butler Gordon. Bored beyond belief by mourning a man she had never loved, click below for more...
she poses as her sister to go to a ball. There, she meets the compelling Viscount St. Stephens and fireworks start. Continuing the charade another night, Delia begins to think she has met St. Stephens before. Well, she actually has, but not how she thinks. Fun-filled, full of sparkling dialogue, and with a solid plot, this is one of those can't-put-it-down books. It's a 4. Mild heat level sex, a 2.5 on my rather flexible scale.
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