REV IT UP, by Julie Ann Walker

3/series. The cover says it all. Part of the Black Knight Inc series, this fast-moving plot brings old adversaries and old lovers - and their Harleys - together in a page-turner you can't put down. Jake Sommers - AKA The Snake, his SEAL moniker - returns to his old haunts determined to make a second chance work with the girl he left behind. But Michelle Carter has moved on, and has the adorable baggage to prove it. She's also got a long memory and isn't about to be humiliated a second time by the handsome Jake. Click below for more (but no spoiler)...
Jake's come to join the Black Knights, an elite spec ops group headed by Michelle's take-no-prisoners brother. It's all one big happy family - with plenty of fireworks - until the mobster who's determined to take out Black Knights targets their families. With predictable pyrotechnics, a surfer dude hero, a feisty woman not to be trifled with...this is a good read if you're addicted to life in the fast lane. The constant surfer-slang is a bit tiresome, but maybe the genre requires it. It's a 4, the sex is a 2.5.
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