NATURAL BORN CHARMER, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

7/series. Seeking the answers to why his fabulous life has lost its charm, Dean Robillard, NFL superstar and billboard hunk (underwear), is tooling along a deserted stretch of Colorado highway when he spots the five foot tall beaver waddling along the verge. Inside the moldy-smelling costume is enough trouble to make any red-blooded male swear off women forever: Blue Bailey, abandoned by every male in her life but still in there swinging. Particularly if her weasel of an ex-boyfriend is within arm's reach. Click below for more...
Dean takes Blue to the boarding house where the boyfriend is holed up and, after separating the ex-lovers and the new love interest, is intrigued enough to embark on a road trip with the enigmatic - and dead broke - Blue. With enough back history for a dozen people, the two sparring partners ride out the trip, ending up on a to-be-updated ranch Dean has bought. And there he finds the surprise of his life...and it isn't a pleasant one. Enjoyable, warm, lighthearted, a wonderful and entertaining read with a lot of depth and heart. It's a 4.
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