2/series. Further adventures of the Dilberne family, post-crash when the family fortune was thought lost. Now Sir Richard is a confidant of the new king and of the senior men in government including Arthur Balfour and Lord Salisbury (as well as that bumptious noisemaker Winston Churchill), and his investments are solid. Lady Isobel is a leader of society, although bedeviled by her fears that the Duchess of Marlboro - born the incomparable Consuelo Vanderbilt - has her eye on handsome Lord Dilberne. Click below for more...
Arthur, now married to the Chicago meat-packing heiress Millie, has begun his own business...and a baby is on the way. Only the regrettably difficult Rosina, their oldest child, is without a spouse. But who would marry a tall, forthright bluestocking? Then news comes that Robert's estranged brother and his wife have died in a house fire, leaving a teenaged daughter behind. Robert, with the forthcoming Coronation on his mind, refuses to have anything to do with the girl. Why the animosity? What caused the estrangement? And where the devil have three priceless tickets to the royal Coronation gone? Delicious prose, every loose end tied up neatly and elegantly...this is a series for lovers of high-quality historical fiction. It's a 5.

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