KEEPERS, by Kathy Brennan & Caroline Campion,

I'm long overdue to give you a new cookbook. This fabulous resource is a cookbook for every busy person who's looking for fast, nutritious, doesn't-taste-fast food. Use-tested by a lot of friends, I can attest that the recipes are - while not screamingly original - solid dishes you'll be happy to add to your outa-time-outa-energy repertoire. Loaded with good tips for any cook, the two authors have serious Saveur Magazine chops, so you can rely on their expertise in prep tricks, cooking timing, and just plain good kitchen sense. Click for more, including recipe locations...
Take, for example, Morning Chicken on page 44: simple, direct, and it produces a fabulous meal. Or the veggie recipes: No-Fuss Roasted Potatoes is perfect as a side to almost any main. One of my favorites is Italian Tomato-Bread Salad, page 176, which I've been making for years but now make it even better. This book will make your life so  much simpler! It's a 4.