INDIA BLACK, by Carol K Carr

1/series. You will love India Black. Finally, a Victorian heroine who's never at a loss for either words or action! If you've felt stifled by the propriety thrust upon women (particularly in accurately-depicted historical fiction), India Black's going to be your new favorite fictional character. The abbess (madam) of an upscale brothel in London, India's rarely at a loss for a quip or a solution to a problem. When a client nicknamed Bowser (a senior War Office functionary) keels over dead while dressed as Queen Victoria (rouge and all), India's trusty sidekick Vincent, a never-washed street urchin, helps her dispose of the body. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
Unfortunately, Bowser had a minder: French, a handsome, purebred dandy who works for the Prime Minister, Disraeli. Caught with the body literally in her grip, India's trying to bluff it out but French merely offers to take the corpse off her hands. And, by the way, where's the old duffer's briefcase? Vanished, along with Arabella, one of India's most productive tarts. The ensuing chase for the highly-explosive contents of the briefcase takes India and French, and the grime-encrusted but engaging Vincent, on a hair-raising journey you won't want to miss. Irreverent, historically accurate (right down to Disraeli's wardrobe), I haven't laughed this much in a long time. This is a Victorian heroine for the twenty-first century. A 5. Read it and laugh.
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