1/series. A delightful Edwardian-era tale from the creator of the original Upstairs/Downstairs script. Immerse yourself in the elegant world of the Dibernes, whose reigning Earl - handsome, urbane, middle-aged Robert - has managed to gamble himself into insolvency while gadding about with King Edward VII. Catastrophe comes when his Jewish financial advisor, Baum, arrives to say the gold mines he'd sunk all his money into had been overrun by the Boers. Facing ruin, what does an Earl and his Countess do? Click below for the answer...
Carry on as if nothing untoward had happened, of course. Except that the heir apparent, Albert, is to find himself a rich wife. And that means an American heiress. Downstairs, things go on as well, with Cook turning out superb meals, the butler Neville decanting legendary wines, and the Prince of Wales on occasion coming to dinner. But Albert, despite recognizing that his nuptuals could save the family fortune, is enamored of a young woman he keeps in a cottage not far from the family home. The author had been raised in a noble household )she was the housekeeper's daughter) and well knows what goes on. Stylish prose, an intriguing plot, insights only an insider could provide...a 5. Read the whole enchanting series, created by a master of storytelling. A minor matter: US book covers are different.
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