8/series. This charming late-Victorian series starring the unruly Lady Emily will sweep you right in and hold you until the last page. Beautifully plotted, with characters ranging from almost-too-noble to nasty, and a marvelous stately-home setting. Lady Emily's husband, Colin Hargreaves' Tudor pile of Anglemore Park is almost a character itself. The depiction of the classes and attitudes and prejudices that ruled society are almost too real at times, especially concerning young women - servants - who had to rely on the good will of the ruling classes for sometimes-precarious survival. Click below for more...
Charming, handsome Archibald, Marquess Montagu, reels through the French doors one fall evening and falls down dead. Someone had struck him with a bit of statuary from the crumbling abbey on the estate. But who would want the delightful Archibald dead? Lady Emily and Colin begin to uncover some surprising facts about the young man. Meanwhile, a house guest, Lord Flyte, appears to be trifling with one of the housemaids. Multiple plots keep this novel moving smartly along. Read these in order, if you can. It's a 4.
(Just re-read this and find it even more compelling than before, but I'll let the 4 stand.)
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