A POISONED SEASON, by Tasha Alexander

2/series. This is the sort of book you can read more than once: beautifully written, beautifully plotted, a cast of fascinating characters. Of course, they reflect an age (early 1900's) when women were mere chattels and men ran the whole show, an age of lifelong servitude in immensely wealthy homes, of loyal servants giving up their own lives to serve "their betters". Okay, I wouldn't want to live those times, but Tasha Alexander has done a smashing job of recreation, and her primary characters - Lady Emile Ashton and Colin Hargreaves - are one hot couple.Click below for more (but no spoiler)...
In this novel, the pretender to the French Throne is swanning through London: penniless, arrogant, lecherous, and a friend of the Prince of Wales. When artifacts belonging to Marie Antoinette are stolen, Lady Emily urges one victim to make the loss of a pink diamond public. No spoilers, I won't tell you more about what happens next. In an age of famous-for-being-famous, when outrageous, ungracious behavior is the boring norm, and "reality" shows bring out the bizarre worst in everyone, these charming books are a welcome respite and remind us of how pleasant life could have been (with servants, of course). Read this elegant series, you will love it. A 5.
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