THORNBROOK PARK, by Sherri Browning

1/series. Despite the success of Downton Abbey, romances set in the early 1900's are pretty rare. This Edwardian charmer pairs Eve Kendall, newly-widowed and returned from India to England, and Captain Marcus Thorne, recently returned from the cruelties and savagery of the Boer War, where he acquired what is today called PTSD. Thorne, handsome and troubled second son, works out his black rages by bare-knuckled fighting.  Eve, invited to stay the night at Averford House, London home of her best friend the Countess of Averford, is woken by a commotion in the hall. She finds Captain Thorne flat on his battered face, obviously a victim of drink, the aged butler trying to get him into his room. Click below for more no-spoiler review...
Eve helps, then insists upon sitting with the unconscious Thorne through much of the night, during which he has flashback episodes. When the butler denies there had been a woman in his room, he comes to believe the woman with "gas-lamp flame" eyes is an angel. Eve has gone to Thornbrook Park to stay with the countess. The Earl of Averford, Gabriel, finds his younger brother Marcus a nuisance, but plots to marry him to his sister-in-law, Alice. Eve, meanwhile, is dead broke and struggling to find the lawyer who handled her husband's investments. And to learn any more you'll have to find the book and read it. It's a 4, a fun week-end read starring charming people who get what they deserve.
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