THE SWEET SPOT, by Stephanie Evanovich

Savvy, self-aware restaurant owner Amanda Cole has her life pretty much where she wants it. Until superstar baseball player Chase Walker has dinner at her restaurant. For Chase, it's she's-the-one love at first sight. For Amanda, it's lust, with a healthy dose of awareness that this 6'5", blindingly handsome, media-stalked celebrity is so totally out of her league it's scary. Click below for more no-spoiler details. . .
But Chase is there every night, sitting at the bar, tipping big, charming everyone within miles. When will the mask drop? When will the real Chase appear? Weeks later, it's the same old, he's still handsome and charming. And she's still saying no. What will happen when she says yes? Don't expect the more-or-less squeaky clean Evanovich touch, or the wacky Plum stunts, cause they aren't there. Not a single destroyed car. Amanda Cole takes up where Stephanie Plum leaves off. While Plum goes up the the edge, Amanda goes right over. Okay, enough mother-daughter comparison. This romance is out of Vanilla and into, for Amanda, uncharted territory. It's a 3.5, a good start to what ought to be a long career of erotic (or at least specific) romance.
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