THE FIREBIRD, by Susanna Kearsley

Marvelously readable. Contemporary stories with magical elements can often be downers, but The Firebird isn't one of them. Slipping deftly from today to the Scottish rebellion of 1715, you'll be immersed in two worlds that are linked by a small carved bird and a woman's memories. Nicola Marter, art dealer and historian, has a secret which she's battled to keep for years. A possible client comes to the gallery owned by the hyper-fastidious Sebastian; the woman has a small package family lore says came from the Empress Catherine, the first Catherine, widow of Peter the Great.
When Nicola handles the little figurine, she's shocked when her special sight conjures up a young woman in the company of the Empress. Click below for more... Nicola goes north to Scotland, stopping to see an old friend she'd met at a psychic institute when they were being tested for their special abilities. Nicola and Rob then visit the woman who owns the Firebird, and the visit propels them into a search that spans three hundred years. Exciting, completely believeable, the tale told in two ages is compelling. Read it, enjoy it, then go find all of her other books. A 5.