THE DEVIL'S HEART, by Cathy Maxwell

3/series. The Scottish-based series will sweep you into the untamed Highlands and the wild and untameable Machnachtan clan, whose Laird, Heath, wants nothing to do with the befuddled English miss who shows up on his doorstep. Rescued after her carriage plunged down a hillside, Lady Margaret Chattan is on a mission to save her brother's lives. The Chattan Curse - any Chattan male who falls in love will die - has struck both of them, and neither have much time left. Click below for more...
In a desperate attempt to life the curse, Lady Margaret has come to the Highlands. Heath knows the girl's history and reputation. Called Lady unattainable by her myriad hopeful suitors, she is a legendary beauty. At first, Heath thinks she's just overwrought when she seeks the spirit of an ancient witch. Then unexplainable things start to happen, and he begins to think she could be telling the truth. It's a 4, and if you love Celtic romance, this is one for you.
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