SPELLBOUND, by Sylvia Day

Erotic paranormal romance at its best, this steamy tale should keep you nailed to your seat (particularly if you enjoy that image). Victoria St. John, an almost out-of-control Familiar, is stalked by Hunter and warlock, the super-sexy Max Westin, sent by the High Council to either force her to submit or kill her. Victoria got much of her power from her former lover and warlock Darius, whom the High Council had killed. Bent on revenge, needing independence, Victoria has vanquished other Hunters. But this time they've sent their best and the duel between the two adversaries will force Victoria to submit to an invisible collar that signifies her defeat. It's a 4, with the sex at a 5. Which is why you read Sylvia Day, NYTimes #1 best-selling author, one of the hottest erotic romance writers today.
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